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    Instructions After Strabismus Surgery

    Instructions After Strabismus Surgery

    Instructions After Strabismus Surgery

    1What should be expected after surgery?

    The eyes are usually not covered by a patch after strabismus surgery, but they will be protected by plastic goggles. This is to allow the brain to fuse the images from both eyes. Diplopia is to be expected on the first few days but should disappear eventually. Before the sutures lyse and completely fall off, there will be some foreign body sensation and itchiness. These sensations should disappear within a week.

    2Are there particular eye care regimen after surgery?

    Discharge papers should include the prescription for the eye medications as well as the instructions on how to apply them and how often. Daily personal hygiene is encouraged. The eyes can be wet during showers, but there should be no swimming for 2 weeks after surgery. Scratching the eyes should also be avoided. Prescription glasses (but not contact lenses) may be worn right after surgery.

    3Are there signs to watch out for that might require a visit to the emergency room after general anesthesia?

    It is very rare to need an ER visit after an eye procedure under general anesthesia. However, it should be considered when the patient is experiencing one of the following symptoms:

    • intractable eye pain
    • profuse eye bleeding
    • proptosis or bulging of the eye
    • recent onset blurring of vision or loss of vision
    4When is the next appointment?

    The eye doctor will place the date and time of the next clinic visit on the discharge papers. It is best to bring all discharge papers and all eye medications on the next clinic visit.

    Dr. Barbara Roque
    Dr. Barbara Roque
    Dr. Barbara Roque is a an ophthalmologist whose practice includes general ophthalmology (which includes cataract surgery) with subspecialty work in pediatric ophthalmology, strabismus and ophthalmic genetics.
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