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    SMILE Surgery Day

    You have completed your refractive surgery screening and have been found to be an excellent candidate for refractive surgery. These are general guidelines for you to remember on the day of surgery.
    • We suggest that you sleep early the night before surgery.
    • We require no diet restriction prior to the surgery. You may have your regular meals up to 2 hours prior to surgery. You may have a complete meal immediately after surgery.
    • Please make arrangements for someone to be with you following surgery. You may only be released to a responsible adult.
    • On the day of surgery, please shampoo your hair and take a full body bath. We want you feeling fresh and clean.
    • Wear something warm and comfortable. The laser room is very cold.
    • Do not apply any eye and facial make up. Do not apply any hair gel. Do not spray on any perfume.
    • Please arrive at the St. Luke's Medical Center Global City Vision Laser Center 1 hour prior to surgery. This will give the our laser room staff adequate time to assist you. It will also provide you sufficient time to relax prior to your pre-operative preparation 30 minutes prior to surgery.
    • Please do not schedule anything for the rest of the day.
    • If you have any questions or are uncomfortable about your surgery, please call +639178442020, or +639989982020 prior to the surgery date.
    Dr. Manolette Roque
    Dr. Manolette Roque
    Dr. Manolette Roque is an ophthalmologist whose practice includes general ophthalmology (which includes cataract surgery) with subspecialty work in uveitis and ocular immunology, cornea and external disease, and refractive surgery.
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