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If you have a SIGHT-THREATENING eye concern requiring URGENT or EMERGENT attention, such as, ocular trauma, sudden blurring or loss of vision, or intractable eye pain, you need to be seen immediately.

  • During clinic hours, please call us up at +639178442020 (St. Luke's Global MAB 217) or +639177952020 (Asian Hospital MOB 509) to see us within the hour.

  • After clinic hours, please proceed to an EMERGENCY ROOM NOW for immediate attention.

We launched our NOW SERVING consultation app this March 2020, and require all patients within our practice to download and install it. This app serves as your

  1. electronic health record access,
  2. online scheduler,
  3. HMO LOA concierge (Medicard, etc.),
  4. teleconsultation video portal,
  5. face-to-face consultation beeper,
  6. PDF file folder for prescriptions, medical certificates, and medical advice,
  7. laboratory results access (Hi-Precision),
  8. pharmacy shop and delivery service,
  9. physician referral network access,
  10. messaging system, and
  11. cashless payment portal.

Once you have successfully downloaded this app from the App Store or Google Play, a ROQUE Eye Clinic specific token will be given to you for activation. All future bookings may be done with the app. You only need to fill this online booking form once.


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