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    Computer Vision Syndrome

    ROQUE Eye Clinic Featured Image Computer Vision Syndrome

    ROQUE Eye Clinic Featured Image Computer Vision Syndrome

    Do you have tired or sore eyes? Headaches? Blurred vision? And general fatigue? If so, like millions of people, you may be suffering from a problem called, Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS.

    CVS is the number one health complaint in the workplace, and affects everyone who works on a computer. Your computer screen projects images in tiny pixels. Although you are probably not conscious of it, these pixels constantly change, and your eyes must refocus with each change. This constant adjustment can strain your eyes. Your eyesight will start to become distorted or blurred. Your eyes may have difficulty focusing. In many cases, you may experience headaches, neck and back pain.

    There are ways to help CVS though. One of these ways is to wear a pair of computer glasses. These glasses reduce the glare on the computer screen, allowing your eyes to focus more easily. Other ways to deter the symptoms of CVS, are to set up your work area in such a way, that it is easy to view your computer screen, which should be straight in front of you, about 24 inches away from your eyes, and out of the sun's glare. In addition, you may use a desk lamp, to create a more focused light where you are working.

    For more information ask your doctor about Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS.

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    Dr. Manolette Roque
    Dr. Manolette Roque
    Dr. Manolette Roque is an ophthalmologist whose practice includes general ophthalmology (which includes cataract surgery) with subspecialty work in uveitis and ocular immunology, cornea and external disease, and refractive surgery.
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