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Physical Enhancements for our Better and Safer Normal

  • Limited face-to-face consultation (prioritized for urgent and emergent concerns)
  • Appointments required (no walk-in visits entertained)
  • Health Declaration Forms required
  • Multiple temperature checks
  • No mask, no face shield, no entry
  • Rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizers
  • Personal protective equipment worn by our staff (masks, goggles, face shields, gowns, gloves)
  • Frequent hand-washing before, during, and after each patient encounter
  • Dedicated waiting room with physical distancing markers
  • Slit lamp breath shields installed
  • Air purification with HEPA filters and UV sterilizers in each cubicle
  • Sodium hypochlorite disinfection of all frequently touched surfaces
  • UVC with ozone lamps in each cubicle (terminal cleaning)

Download Free Apps

  • Now Serving by SeriousMD

    SeriousMD's Now Serving app is your connection to your electronic health record, and your direct link to your eye doctor. It will be used during your teleconsultation. Please turn on the app a few minutes prior to your appointment.

  • Eye Handbook

    Please download EYE HANDBOOK from iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Once installed, click on 'Continue without login'. Perform the pre-assessment tests with the screen set on the brightest tolerated lighting. Begin with the right eye. Cover the left eye with a patch/palm (do not apply direct pressure on the left lid or eyeball, to prevent blurring of vision). Wear prescription glasses if available. Keep the screen 14 inches away. Stay in a well-lit room. After completing the test on the right eye, transfer the cover, and test the left eye.



    There are 7 charts. Begin with chart 1/7. Read the lines, swipe left to reach the smallest readable line. Take note of the chart number. Take a screen shot and label right or left.


    Chose the white background with black grid. No need to test using the other grids. Stare at the dot in the middle of the grid. While staring at the dot, describe the grid. It is important not to look around the grid. A normal test result will show equal sized boxes/grid. An abnormal result would be, curved/wavy lines, missing lines, shadows, moving lines, etc. Take a screen shot and draw the findings on the image. Save the edited image.


    There are 16 color plates. Identify each number and list down the number you see per plate.

    Submit all images via the NOW SERVING App. Go to the chat box/text box and click on the clip to attach the 2 Alphabet screenshots, 2 Amsler grids, and the color vision test results. Alternatively, you may send via It is better to send via the Now Serving App, since your test results go directly into your electronic health records.

  • Microsoft Office Lens | PDF Scan

    Microsoft Office Lens | PDF Scan is useful in capturing all existing diagnostic exam results.



Your personal information will be logged into the electronic medical records of ROQUE Eye Clinic.


Clinical history taking will be performed. Your ophthalmic history, medical history, and family history will be reviewed. Please take note of all the medications that you rare currently taking.


Please hand over all of your current prescription eye glasses so that our optometrist may record the power.


Your visual acuity will be taken with and without your current prescription eye glasses. Automated refraction, manual/manifest refraction and dilated/cycloplegic refraction will be done. All these measurements are critical in determining your best potential visual acuity.


Your eyelids, eyelashes, and the anterior segment (conjunctiva, cornea, pupil, iris, and lens) of your eye will be examined with a slit beam of light. This examination is performed to search for lid and lash conditions, corneal diseases, pupil and iris abnormalities, and lens status.


Fluorescein dye applied on your eye will be used to examine the ocular surface for signs of dry eye disease. Your tear break up time (TBUT) will be measured. In some instances, the use of a Rose Bengal or Lissamine Green dye strip may be necessary.


A topical anesthetic, proparacaine, will be instilled into your lower eye lid pocket in order to numb your eye. A fluorescein dye will be used together with a cobalt blue filter to measure your ocular pressure. Your eye pressure will be correlated with your corneal thickness. This examination is used to screen for glaucoma.


Dilating ophthalmic drops will be instilled into your lower eye lid to make your pupils dilate. It usually takes around 30 minutes to achieve full pharmacologic pupillary dilation. Dilation will allow us to examine your retina for congenital/acquired posterior segment diseases. We can see retinal tears/holes, macular degeneration, optic nerve diseases, among other things. The presence of any posterior segment condition may disqualify one from having refractive laser surgery.

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Actual Clinic | Face-to-Face (F2F) consultation Tips

  • Book at
  • Accomplish Health Declaration Form
  • Secure F2F Appointment Slip
  • Arrive 30 minutes, prior to your F2F appointment, at the hospital triage area
  • One companion for children, elderly, pregnant women, or PWD
  • Bring a charged smartphone (with data or wifi), open your Now Serving app, and wait for your cue to enter the clinic
  • Wear a face mask and face shield
  • Bring a personal-sized disinfectant
  • Prepare for cashless transactions (BPI QR transfer, GCash, PayMaya, Paypal, Bank-to-bank transfer, Debit/Credit Card

Billing Policies

    • To avail of the discounted rates, proof of payment or letter of authorization (LOA)/guarantee of payment (GOP) is required prior to scheduling.
    • Proof of payment or LOA/GOP is required before prescriptions, requests, abstracts/certificates/clearances/reports, referrals, and collaterals are sent via NOW SERVING.


It takes less than five minutes to complete your online booking. You will be directed to our online booking page. Click on the icon to book your face-to-face consultation now.
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