June 30, 2021

Capillary Hemangioma

Capillary HemangiomaWhat is capillary hemangioma?: Capillary hemangioma or “strawberry nevus” is the most common vascular ocular tumor in children. It is an abnormal growth of […]
June 30, 2021

Cataract in Children

Cataract is the whitening of the natural lens of the eye. It is an aging-related condition seen in adults but it can also occur in children.
June 30, 2021

Childhood Strabismus

Childhood strabismus is the condition in children where eyes are misaligned. Different types: esotropia, exotropia, hypertropia, hypotropia.
July 10, 2021

Color Vision Deficiency

Color BlindnessWhat is normal color vision? : People with normal color vision have the ability to perceive a million different colors. This is due to […]
July 4, 2021

Congenital Ptosis

Congenital ptosis is the most common cause of ptosis in children. It is due to an abnormal development of the levator muscle of the eyelid.
July 10, 2021

Congenital Rubella Syndrome

Congenital rubella syndrome ocular findings include pigmentary retinopathy, cataract, strabismus, microphthalmos, optic atrophy, etc.


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