1stQ AddOn ciliary sulcus secondary intraocular lens implant

AddOn IOL - Fine-Tuned Correction for Pseudophakic Eyes

The AddOn is the refractive-surgery platform for fine-tuned ONV (Optimal Natural Vision) correction of pseudophakic eyes and constitutes a milestone in functional patient care.

The AddOn is implanted into the sulcus in addition to the capsular-bag fixated basis IOL and is compatible with common capsular-bag IOLs, irrespective of design or material.

The AddOn may be used for correction of spherical, presbyopic and torical refractive errors and is available with spheric, progressive and toric optic. The AddOn SML (Scharioth Macula Lens) gives new hope to patients with dry AMD to restore their near vision.

AddOn SML - The Magnifier in the Eye

The AddOn SML (Scharioth Macula Lens) is a bifocal AddOn IOL with a specifically designed central optic area providing high addition power of +10.0 D. The SML combines proven AddOn technology with sufficient magnification without affecting distance vision or vision field.

The AddOn SML gives new hope to pseudophakic patients with advanced dry AMD to restore their near vision.

1stQ AddOn Surgery Packages

Per Eye | Philippine Pesos | Asian | St. Luke’s | as of 01JUN2018
ADDON Spherical 116,000 90,000 40,000
Toric 141,000 125,000 75,000
Multifocal 141,000 125,000 75,000
SML 146,000 130,000 80,000
Monofocal + Multifocal 171,000 155,000 105,000


  • 1stQ AddOn secondary IOL implantation surgery under local anesthesia is performed:
    • by Dr. Manolette Roque
    • at Asian Hospital Medical Center, in Alabang, Muntinlupa every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoon. Scheduled patients must arrive two (2) hours prior to surgery.
    • at St. Luke's Medical Center Global City every weekday morning. Scheduled patients must arrive one (1) hour prior to surgery.
    • with any of the following phacoemulsification units: Alcon Infiniti or Alcon Centurion
  • Secondary IOL implantation screening and post-operative follow up examinations may be done at the surgical centers, or at Asian Hospital MOB 509, or at St. Luke's Medical Center Global City MAB 217. Call up +639178442020 or +639989982020 for bookings.
  • The 1stQ AddOn Surgery Packages may only be used for routine secondary IOL implantation surgery. It may not be availed with secondary IOL implantation surgery combined with trauma, glaucoma, uveitis, cornea, or retina diseases.
  • All 1stQ AddOn Surgery Packages are inclusive Senior Citizen Discount and exclusive of eVAT. It may not be combined with other promos and discounts.
  • Additional charges will be billed for the use of Iris Hooks, Malyugin Rings, Triamcinolone Acetonide, Ozurdex Dexamethasone implant, and other devices.
  • Please submit your Philhealth ID, MDR, and other documents 1 day prior to scheduled surgery.
  • Only Philippine FDA-registered IOLs may be used when availing of Philhealth benefits. For premium IOLs which are not yet registered, Philhealth may not be filed.
  • All HMO LOAs need to be requested three (3) days prior to scheduled surgery.
Dr. Manolette Roque
Dr. Manolette Roque
Dr. Manolette Roque is an ophthalmologist whose practice includes general ophthalmology (which includes cataract surgery) with subspecialty work in uveitis and ocular immunology, cornea and external disease, and refractive surgery.
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